Indoor Group Ltd


Mr. Antti Kääriäinen, Public Accountant/KPMG Oy

Indoor Group has an organisation with joint support functions serving both retail chains Asko and Sotka. The joint support functions include product management and marketing, store and foreign functions, economy and administration and logistics.


Mr. Pasi Kohmo, CEO

Mr. Jani Länsimäki, Product Management and Marketing Director

Asko chain manager:
Mr. Mika Leiponen, Director
Tel. +358 10 385 0474

Sotka chain manager:
Mr. Martti Toivanen, Director
Tel. +358 10 385 8630

Mr. Sebastian Mäkelä, CFO
Tel. +358 10 385 6670

Mr. Pasi Lähdemäki, Director of Logistics

Ms. Anu Järvinen-Soppi, Executive Assistant, Public Information
Tel. +358 10 385 6658


Indoor Group Ltd/Asko
Indoor Group Oy
P.O. Box 104
01301 Vantaa

Asko domestic stores and management

Mr. Mika Leiponen
Tel. +358 10 385 5474

Stores management

East Finland
District Manager Risto Manninen
Tel. +358 10 385 8620

West Finland
District Manager Ari Takala
Tel. +358 10 385 8610


Marketing manager
Liia Kivinen
Tel. +358 10 385 8624


Product management:

Board products and dining room
Product manager Jouni Eräkanto
Tel. +358 10 385 6646

Upholstered products
Product manager Sami Markula
Tel. +358 10 385 6652

Outdoor furniture, rattan, matresses and bedroom
Product manager Jussi Vesanoro
Tel. +358 10 385 6678

Lighting fixtures, carpets, furnishing products, textiles and pillows
Product manager Marko Ratia
Tel. +358 10 385 8683



Indoor Group Ltd/Sotka
Tel. +358 3 554 11

Sotka domestic stores and managenent

Chain manager
Mr. Martti Toivanen
Tel. +358 10 385 8630

Stores management

Central Finland
District Manager Kari Kivistö
Tel. +358 10 385 8601

Southern Finland
Acting District Manager Harri Saarelma
Tel. +358 10 385 6610

Northern Finland
District Manager Arto Pylkkänen
Tel +358 10 385 8602

Western Finland
District Manager Vesa Tahvanainen
Tel. +358 50 302 8820


Marketing manager
Reijo Joensuu
Tel. +358 10 385 8636


Product management:

Upholstered products
Product manager Satu Paajanen
Tel. +358 10 385 6657

Board products and dining room
Product manager Miikka Heino
Tel. +358 10 385 6631

Outdoor furniture, rattan and carpets
Product manager Anne Pajukallio
Tel. +358 10 385 8607

Matresses and bedroom
Product manager Jari Paalijärvi
Tel. +358 10 385 8654





Our e-invoicing operator is Liaison Technologies Oy
We are primary accepting only e_invoices.

Please use the following information when sending e-invoices:

Goods invoicing address for Asko and Sotka stores and for central warehouse deliveries:
Indoor Group Oy / Organisation number 1512332-9
E-invoicing address (OVT-code) 003715123329
Operator Liaison Technologies Oy
Operator code 003708599126

Flow through invoicing address for our franchising stores (Invoice receiver Indoor Group Ltd):
Indoor Group Oy / Organisation number 1512332-9
E-invoicing address (OVT-code) 0037151233291
Operator Liaison Technologies Oy
Operator code 003708599126

Cost invoices:
Indoor Group Oy (Cost invoices) / Organisation number 1512332-9
E-invoicing address (OVT-code) 0037151233292
Operator Liaison Technologies Oy
Operator code 003708599126

Indoor Group Holding Oy / 2835307-8
E-invoicing address (OVT-code) 003728353078
Operator Liaison Technologies Oy
Operator code 003708599126

Insofa Oy:n goods invoices and cost invoices:
Insofa Oy / Organisation number 1570144-0
E-invoicing address (OVT-code) 003715701440
Operator Liaison Technologies Oy
Operator code 003708599126

Please note, that in order t ohandle the invoices, mandatory information on the invoices are the name of the person who placed the order and cost center. If the invoices is related to a purchase order, the purchase order must be visible in the header of the invoice (in the format: purchase order/cost center).

If your company is not able to send e-invoices, please use the invoicing address or email address below.


When sending invoices by email, we ask you to notice the following details:

  • The invoising address must be possible to read from the email invoice in the same way it would be from a paper invoice.
  • The invoice attached to the email must be in PDF-, JPG or TIF-format.
  • The invoice must be added to the email only as an attachment. One attachment can only include one invoice. All pages related to one invoice, must be included in the same attachment. One invoice cannot be divided into several emails or attachments.

    Any possible free text added to the email, is disregarded when handling the invoices. Rejected invoices are returned to the senders email address. Invoices received by email are stored for one month after which they are deleted.

    Invoicing addresses:

    For goods invoices:
    Indoor Group Oy
    PL 941
    00019 SSC

    For cost invoices:
    Indoor Group Holding Oy
    PL 941
    00019 SSC

    For flow though invoices:
    Indoor Group Oy
    Franchising välitysmyyntilaskut
    PL 941
    00019 SSC

    For cost and goods invoices:
    Insofa Oy
    PL 941
    00019 SSC

    For cost invoices:
    Indoor Group Oy
    PL 941
    00019 SSC

    Our service provider for invoice handling is Efima Oy. For questions regarding the change of invoicing address, please contact the email address below:



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