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The Indoor Group employs more than 700 professionals in in-store operations as well as in specialist activities supporting the stores. We operate in the consumer trade, so the customer is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, customer service is present in the daily lives of all our employees.

In our stores, we have close to 600 professionals working with our clients, who are also supported by more than 50 people in our specialist roles at our branch. In addition, our sofa factory has about 80 professionals working in various production positions.

We are constantly looking for new people to work with us on furniture and decoration.

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We are constantly looking for retail professionals for our large team. Here, you can browse our vacancies, fill out an application, and join the Indoor Group community.


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We have people from very different backgrounds, and our work community is very close and socially active. Every month, new enthusiastic people start their career at Indoor and some have decades of experience with decorating Finnish homes. Our chains have a long tradition that obliges us to do our utmost for our customers, and we all need to earn the trust our customers give us every day. Here, you will find the different stories and experiences of Indoor professionals working with us.

Career stories

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