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Kuninkaalantie 19, 01300 Vantaa, Finland
P.O. Box 104, 01301 Vantaa
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Veronica Lindholm
Managing Director (CEO)
Jussi Tallgren
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Martti Toivanen
Director, store functions
Taina Suorsa
HR Director
Pekka Partanen
Director of Ecommerce
Juha Nuutila
Purchase and Sourcing manager
Anu Järvinen-Soppi
Executive Assistant / Press Officer

Indoor Group has formed an organisation with common support functions to serve the business operations of the two retail chains belonging to the group, Asko and Sotka. Common support functions include product management and marketing, in-store and foreign operations, finance and administration, and logistics.

Support Functions

Mikko Ahonen
IT Manager
Pasi Lähdemäki
Logistics Manager

Store Functions

Martti Toivanen
Director, store functions
Reijo Joensuu
Consept Manager
Topi Tervo
Retail Store Manager
Ari Takala
District Manager, Asko chain, Western Finland
Thomas Lajunen
District Manager, Asko chain, Eastern Finland
Kari Kivistö
District Manager, Sotka chain, Central Finland
Harri Saarelma
District Manager, Sotka chain, Southern Finland
Arto Pylkkänen
District Manager, Sotka chain, Northern Finland
Vesa Tahvanainen
District Manager, Sotka chain, Western Finland

Product management and marketing

Jussi Salminen
Marketing Manager, Sotka chain
Anne Vallius-Laaksonen
Category Manager
Upholstered furniture, mattresses and bedroom furniture
Jari Paalijärvi
Product Manager, Asko chain
Mattresses and bedroom furniture
Jussi Vesanoro
Product Manager, Sotka chain
Mattresses and bedroom furniture
Liia Kivinen
Product Manager, Asko chain
Upholstered products
Satu Paajanen
Product Manager, Sotka chain
Upholstered products
Jelena Penttinen
Category Manager
Dining, living room, wardrobes, home office, outdoor, carpets, home deco, textiles, lightning
Jouni Eräkanto
Product Manager, Indoor Group
Dining, living room and storage furniture
Marko Ratia
Product Manager, Indoor Group
Miikka Heino
Product Manager, Indoor Group
Summer furniture and home office
Anu Piik
Product Manager, Indoor Group
Interior design and lighting
Elina Soldatkin
Product Manager, Indoor Group
Sleeping and home textiles

The auditor of Indoor Group Oy is:
Statutory Auditor
Esa Kailiala, Authorised Public Accountant

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