Face mask manufacturing has begun


Indoor Group’s upholstery and mattress factory, Insofa LTD, has started to manufacture face masks. The product in question is a light disposable face mask for everyday use. The factory has the necessary know-how and equipment for manufacturing the face masks, with enough capacity to make up to 40,000 items every month, if necessary. Thanks to the factory’s established supply channels, it has been possible to source European materials despite the difficult circumstances.

The first production batch was donated to the Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing (Päijät-Hämeen hyvinvointikuntayhtymä). The donation was received by the Assortment Manager, Ms Jonna Putkonen and Mr Jyri Riuttala. Jonna Putkonen said that the donation is welcome and that the masks will be used for home care services.

Consumer research on trusted furniture brands: Finland trusts Asko and Sotka


Asko is the most trusted furniture brand in Finland. The second most trusted brand for Finnish consumers is Sotka. This was established in the Trusted Brands survey conducted by the British research institute Wyman Dillon for Readers’ Digest.

Asko was the most trusted and Sotka the second most trusted furniture brand also in last year’s survey.

23.8% of the respondents named Asko as the most trusted brand, and the corresponding figure for Sotka amounted to 18.6% of the respondents.

How the survey was conducted

The survey is a part of the annual Trusted Brands study, which Readers’ Digest commissioned from the British research institute Wyman Dillon at the end of last year. The survey was conducted online, with 2,124 people responding to open questions. The participants were selected from the customer database of Readers’ Digest. The sample was adjusted to correspond to the age and gender distribution of the Finnish adult population.

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