Ethical guidelines for a business partner – Code of Conduct

Dear business partners,

Indoor Group is a leading Finnish interior and furniture company with its two strong brands ASKO and SOTKA. Our expansionary operations in Finland and in the region involve extensive cooperation network. Having shared common values is of utmost essence when cooperating with different business partners.

This code of conduct serves as a guideline in everyday functions, where challenges may arise. Indoor Group is fully committed to responsible conduct in all business activities. These ethical guidelines are based on Indoor Group’s core values that are not compromised under any circumstances.

I hope and expect that every one of our business partners reads and explores our ethical guidelines carefully. By following these guidelines, we are able to ensure ethical decisions in our daily work.

Vantaa, August 3, 2023
Lauri Veijalainen
Indoor Group Oy

Indoor Group Oy - Code of Conduct

Compliance with the Law

Indoor Group Ltd complies with mandatory legislation and regulations in all its activities. In addition, Indoor Group Ltd complies in its cross-border trade with sanctions and other trading restrictions along with restrictions imposed by such trading restrictions on the export and import of products.

As our business partner, you undertake to comply with mandatory legislation and regulations along with the said trading restrictions and you must not prompt any action for violation or non-compliance with laws or accept such activities. Local legislation must be complied with in every country where business is carried. We require you to monitor and adapt to any legislative changes accordingly. In uncertain situations, you shall seek professional law advice to ensure compliance.

Commitment to Fair Competition and Consumer Rights

Indoor Group Ltd is committed to fair and honest competition in compliance with mandatory competition law. We will refrain from participating in, and conducting illegal activities. As our business partner, you undertake to comply with competition law and especially to not participate in any activity that restricts or prevents competition contrary to applicable laws. Your business operations are based on open and functioning competition. For example, agreeing on prices with competitors is not acceptable.

As our business partner, you also respect consumer rights, and act responsibly and appropriately in your marketing operations. You also take care of product safety, and especially that the products and services meet the requirements of the laws.

Ethical Business Operations

Indoor Group Ltd is committed to anti-corruption and anti-bribery actions. As our business partner, you undertake not to engage in activities in which bribes or illegal payments are offered or otherwise promised to authorities or other parties. In addition, you do not authorize any such payments on your behalf. You do not accept or encourage anyone to accept bribes or illegal payments. We recognise that reasonable courtesy is common in business relationships, but we prohibit all bribery activities and gifts that cannot be considered as customary, reasonable, and in compliance with the law, or that may be interpreted as an attempt to influence a business.

Indoor Group Ltd does not accept, promote or support money laundering. As our business partner, you only conduct business with reputable parties engaged in lawful business and whose assets come from legitimate sources.

Human Rights and Equality

Indoor Group Ltd respects and adheres to the principles set out in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The aim is to promote human rights in all operations and activities. Indoor Group Ltd does not accept violations of human rights, use of child labor or other forms of forced labor in any form. As our business partner, you undertake to follow the same principles of respect for human rights.

As our business partners, you also undertake to offer equal treatment and respect to all people regardless of gender, nationality, religion, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, trade union membership or social or ethnic origin.

In addition, you undertake to provide a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with mandatory legislation. You actively seek measures to prevent accidents during working hours and to reduce health and safety risks at the workplace. Employees must be paid at the very least, the minimum wage under the applicable law.


Indoor Group Ltd complies with environmental legislation and practices that protect and maintain the environment. As our business partner, you undertake to comply with environmental laws and regulations. In your business activities, you regularly assess potential environmental risks and their impacts. As our business partner, you commit to minimizing your environmental impact, and actively work towards finding ways to further reduce your environmental impact.

In collaboration with its business partners, Indoor Group Ltd seeks to use and develop environmentally sustainable solutions. The aim is to improve the energy efficiency of operations, reduce waste and protect the environment.

Processing Confidential Information

Indoor Group Ltd is committed to protecting confidential data and information. We only use confidential information for lawful business purposes. Similarly and as our business partner, you undertake to keep the confidential information that is received from Indoor Group or other third parties as confidential. Such confidential information includes, but is not limited to, Indoor Group Ltd's operations, personnel, customers, partners, products, cash handling and data security. When using electronic tools, you commit to careful operation and especially to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing confidential material.

Processing Personal Data Properly

Indoor Group Ltd follows appropriate personal data processing and privacy policies, as well as applicable legislation in each country. Similarly and as our business partner, you commit to the careful and appropriate processing of personal data. You plan the proper handling methods in advance and take care of the accuracy of registry information. You inform the data subjects about the existence of the registry and their rights.

Protection of Indoor Group Ltd’s Brand and Reputation

Indoor Group Ltd owns two well-known Finnish furniture chains, Asko and Sotka. Both chains have a long history in the Finnish furniture market and thus, a carefully built brand and corporate image.

As our business partner, you commit to acting in a manner that does not compromise the brand, corporate image and reputation of Indoor Group, Sotka or Asko. You need to always have permission from Indoor Group Ltd before using any Indoor Group Ltd’s brand names in social media and other communications.

Compliance and Breaches

All business partners of Indoor Group Ltd must comply with this Code of Conduct. In unclear situations, as our business partner, you are obliged to ask Indoor Group Ltd’s contact person for instructions in writing. We also encourage you to report any violations or concerns about legislation, or these ethical guidelines to your contact person at Indoor Group Ltd. All notifications received will be treated confidentially and investigated carefully. If the contact person is unable to meet your needs, please contact the managing director of Indoor Group Ltd.

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