History of Indoor Group

The history of Indoor Group dates back to 1999, when the operations of Asko and Sotka were transferred to the same company.

In 2017, the Finnish equity investor KH Group Oyj (formerly Sievi Capital Oyj) became our main shareholder, and the current Indoor Group was born. The history of Asko dates back to 1918 and the history of Sotka to 1959.

History of Asko

Asko originated from the Lahti Carpentry Factory, founded by carpenter Aukusti Avonius in 1918. The operation of the factory immediately stood out among the other carpentry workshops of the time, with Avonius investing in serial production and in creating his own chain of stores from the outset.

History of Sotka

The Sotka brand was launched in 1959. The company, which later became Sotka Oy, had a wide range of products and was Finland’s third largest furniture manufacturer at the turn of the 1990s. In 1993, the company’s own personnel acquired the businesses and continued to operate under the name of Sotka Finland Oy.

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